The Trap

This post is titled “The Trap” because as I browse social media such as Facebook; I constantly come across galleries with interesting tag lines such as and
This annoyingly addictive way of conveying illogical and sometimes obvious information has become a trap for me.
I am forever being lured into different sites in my quest for knowledge. I have landed me up on sites about nuclear weapons, the respective histories of all the American presidents and even relationship advice given through the interpretation of couple’s sleeping positions.
Needless to say, I have an uncanny attraction to the weird and bizarre “traps” but I can say that sometimes one finds a rose amongst the thorns… just be sure to have time and free wi-fi because “the trap” can become an addiction.

2012 winners of Varsity College Cape Town’s Annual Moot Court

In September 2012, two of my classmates and I teamed up to compete in Varsity College’s Annual Moot Court Competition.
The competition was held at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court, where we were given a case to argue. The team I was a part of won, as decided by Magistrate James Lekhuleni.
I was instructing attorney therefore I was mainly in charge of research and steering the case in the direction that was best suited for our “client.”
The experience influenced me in my choice to pursue the advocacy route within law as I was exposed to litigation. Although it was make believe, it was no less nerve wrecking than having a real case.

Vanilla thriller

Olá! This is my first attempt at blogging and today I also attempted to bake a cake for the first time.
I have been told that I am a good cook- of traditional South African food- so for me to venture into baking was rather nerve wrecking as the stakes were high, excuse the pun.
Initially it was a disaster! I followed the recipe to the T but as Murphy would have it, everything that could go wrong- went wrong!
The top was burnt, as you can see below, so I had to cut off the burnt pieces.
Thereafter I had to wait for the cake to cool so that I could put the toppings on.
My patience ran dry so I started melting the Whole Nut Chocolate and added some Full Cream Milk to make it a little runny.
Then I Googled any information on the procedure for putting toppings on cakes…
“What comes first?” BIG question!
Needless to say, thanks Murphy, there was nothing (nada) concrete to follow.
I wanted to have a caramel, melted chocolate and fresh cream topping. Eventually I put them on in the order of their “speadibility”. i.e. What is harder to spread and what I wanted more of (haha caramel in my face).
I then followed this process, spreading with a spatula, which might I add is a god send in the kitchen:
◆ caramel
◆ cream (which I whipped whilst I was waiting for the cake to cool)
◆ melted chocolate with nuts
And Voilà:
I know the cake looks like a cow or the seats of the Spur restaurant chain lol but looks aside… it was gooooooood!
Even if I must say so myself =D
Fique bem…
Tchau and Obrigada!